We take care of you like you're one of the family!

There are many companies to choose from when you are looking to renovate your bathroom.
What sets us apart from the rest is our personalized service.
We do all of the work ourselves and we love what we do.
We do not hire contractors or salesmen, therefore, we save you time and money
by providing you with immediate, educated answers to your questions – on the spot!

Trust Byblos with your bathroom! The Byblos staff has 25 years work experience in renovating bathrooms in Calgary and specialize in old home revitalization. Our experience allows us to offer you the highest quality service, expertise and craftsmanship. Our skilled staff will walk you through every step of the renovation process from concept to completion.

  • Custom bathroom conversion for people with disabilities – includes water-proofing the entire floor and eliminating ledges, ensuring safe and easy mobility for wheelchairs
  • Specialists in old home upgrades – specifically with old plumbing such as cast iron, brass, copper and galvanized steel
  • Steam rooms
  • Popular bathroom makeovers – half bath, full bath, extended and additions
  • Bathtubs & Jetted Tubs – including free-standing tubs, deck-mounted and attached-apron tubs)
  • Showers with durable, mould-preventing dry packed shower membrane
  • Custom frameless 10 mil glass shower doors
  • Sinks
  • Toilets, bidets & urinals
  • Cabinets & vanity cabinets
  • Vanity Countertops – granite and laminate
  • Lighting
  • Heating & Ventilation – including in-floor heating systems
  • Flooring, walls & ceiling
  • Quiet exhaust fan

Byblos owner brings 25 years experience in the bathroom business.